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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

8:20 AM | Hurricane Irene headed for the Mid-Atlantic coast

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Partly sunny, warm, humid, chance for a couple of showers or thunderstorms, highs in the upper 80’s


Mostly cloudy with occasional showers and thunderstorms possible, lows near 70


Intermittent showers and thunderstorms during the morning and then tropical storm conditions developing later in the afternoon and continuing at night with torrential rain and damaging winds, highs near 80 and lows at night near 70


Tropical storm conditions ending in the morning and then remaining mostly cloudy, windy and humid, upper 70’s for highs


Mostly sunny, breezy, warm, highs in the low 80’s


Mostly sunny, warm, low 80’s


Mostly sunny, pleasant, highs in the low 80’s


The brunt of Hurricane Irene will affect us from later tomorrow afternoon into early Sunday in about a 12-hour period, but occasional showers and thunderstorms are possible here from this afternoon through tomorrow early afternoon before the main event. During the brunt of the storm torrential rain and damaging winds are likely with peak winds gusts of near hurricane-force levels possible (i.e. 60-70 mph). Total new rainfall amounts could fall in the range of 3-6 inches which will create flooding issues. In addition to the flooding concerns, power outages are quite likely with the strong winds gusts and saturated grounds. The storm winds down during the day on Sunday as it heads towards New York City and then into New England.