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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

8:30 AM | Ingredients are coming together for heavy rain to end the week

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Clouds and limited sun with an occasional shower or thunderstorm, much of the time will be rain-free, mild and humid, highs in the upper 70’s


Mostly cloudy, chance for more showers and thunderstorms, muggy with some fog possible late, lows in the upper 60’s


Mostly cloudy, mild and humid, more numerous showers and thunderstorms, some rain heavy at times, highs in the mid-to-upper 70’s


Mostly cloudy, humid, still the threat for showers and thunderstorms, highs in the mid 70’s


Clouds and limited sun, chance for showers, but much rain-free time as well, highs in the mid 70’s


Clouds and limited sun, chance for showers, but much rain-free time as well, mid 70’s


Mostly cloudy, chance for showers, mid 70’s


Our prolonged unsettled weather pattern continues and ingredients are coming together for a late week heavy rain event. All of this is due to a very slow moving upper atmospheric low that will spawn several surface low pressure systems over the next several days. One such low will ride up a stalled out frontal system during the day on Friday and this will enhance the rainfall yielding more numerous showers and thunderstorms around here and some of this rain will be heavy at times. Flooding potential exists from this late week heavy rain event as the potential exists for substantial rainfall on top of already saturated grounds. This unsettled weather pattern is likely to last until the middle of next week. Elsewhere, Tropical Storm Ophelia is likely to never reach the US east coast as the same strong, upper level system producing unsettled weather here will likely help to keep her out to sea.