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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:15 AM | Red October begins on Saturday for the Phillies and it'll be cool, "pitcher's-type" weather, but more heavy rain beforehand

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, humid with occasional showers and thunderstorms, some of the rain will be heavy at times and flash flooding is a concern, highs in the low-to-mid 70’s


Mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms and some of the rain can be heavy, flash flooding is still a concern, low 60’s


Mostly cloudy, humid, more showers and thunderstorms and some of the rain can be heavy, flash flooding concern continues, highs in the low-to-mid 70’s


Partly sunny, a bit cooler, chance for an afternoon shower or two, highs near 70


Variable clouds, windy and cool with a light shower or two possible, highs in the low 60’s


Mostly sunny, breezy, cool, near 60


Mostly sunny, cool, low-to-mid 60’s


The Phillies playoff run begins on Saturday, as does the month of (Red) October, and the weather will be quite cool and favorable for Roy Halladay in the postseason opener. Before we get to the weekend, however, we’ll have to deal with the persistent low pressure system that has been stuck over the Midwest for the last several days. This system will continue to “pinwheel” bands of showers and thunderstorms into the Mid-Atlantic region during the next 24-36 hours and some of this rain can fall heavily at times and flash flooding is again a real concern through tomorrow. This slow-moving system will finally be kicked out of the picture later this week by a strong cold frontal system that will usher in much cooler air for the weekend. Winds on Saturday behind the front will be out of the north (blowing in at Citizens Bank Park) and quite noticeable (10-20 mph) and high temperatures will do no better than the low 60’s. While a light shower or two cannot be ruled out on Saturday, the general trend this weekend will be for drier weather compared to what we’ve had recently with Sunday and Monday looking rain-free and still quite cool.