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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

4:20 PM Sat | Very heavy snow band heads toward DC, Philly and NYC

Paul Dorian


The historic storm continues and has already set records in New York City in that this is already the most October snow ever reported in Central Park. Up to 10 inches of snow has already been reported in parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia and there is now a very heavy band of snow that stretches from near DC to NW NJ . This band will move eastward over the next couple of hours and will enhance snowfall to heavy possibly even near “whiteout” levels from DC to Philadelphia to NYC and there is also the chance for some thunder and lightning. “Thundersnow” has already been reported near Harrisburg, PA and near New York City as this coastal storm continues to intensify off the east coast. Dangerous driving conditions will exist this evening as temperatures have dropped to freezing or below in and around the big cities and nearby suburbs. Also, downed trees with numerous power outages will increase dramatically this evening with the enhanced heavy snowfall.