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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:15 AM | Snow threat continues for late Wednesday night/early Thursday

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, spotty showers likely, mild, low 60’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, rain likely, mid 40’s


Mostly cloudy, colder, rain likely, near 50; rain should change over to snow after midnight


Mostly cloudy, cold, snow threat early in the morning, accumulations are even possible; especially, to the N and W of the NYC metro region (see discussion), low-to-mid 40’s


Mostly sunny, cold, mid 40’s


Mostly sunny, cold, low 40’s


Mostly sunny, cold, low 40’s


Last week we talked about the “signs of winter” that were leading to the belief that more seasonal weather was headed for the Mid-Atlantic region, and this week that belief will be realized. A transition from the mild weather to much more “December-like” weather will be caused by a slow-moving, but strong cold front and a series of low pressure systems that will ride along the front as it reluctantly makes its way to the east coast. The last in a series of low pressure systems that rides along the front could throw some snow our way late Wednesday night and early Thursday. The latest computer forecast model information converges on a rather similar solution that brings a low pressure system close enough to the Mid-Atlantic region by late Wednesday to cause some precipitation here and enough cold air to allow for a changeover to snow sometime after midnight. Preliminary snowfall accumulation estimates are 1-3 inches in the northern and western suburbs with an inch or less in New York City. The heaviest snowfall axis from this storm may very well up being similar to the late October snowstorm that went from eastern West Virginia across to south-central PA to the Poconos on into interior New England. The timetable for the snowfall here would be from just after midnight late tomorrow night until early Thursday morning with some possible effects on the Thursday morning rush hour (no problems for the Thursday PM or Wednesday PM rush hours). This overall colder pattern should continue right into at least the middle of the month.