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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

11:50 AM | Sunday storm update for the I-95 corridor

Paul Dorian


A very healthy looking storm is taking shape today across the Gulf coastal states and it is spreading heavy rain and strong thunderstorms from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. This is the storm that will head towards the North Carolina coast over the next 24 hours or so and will affect parts of the Mid-Atlantic region by later Sunday and Sunday night. The general theme from yesterday for the I-95 corridor continues to hold true today described as follows:

1) the best chance for accumulating snows in the Mid-Atlantic I-95 corridor continues to be in the DC region (small-to-moderate amounts possible)

2) the Philly metro region is still on the very northern fringes for this storm (anywhere from no snow at all to small amounts only)

3) NYC is in the “just too far north” zone

While the general theme from yesterday continues to hold true today regarding the Sunday storm possibilities for the I-95 corridor, one of the main US models (NAM) has, perhaps not too surprisingly, trended a bit to the north with its predicted precipitation fields as it tends to do on occasion as event time approaches. This potential trend will have to be monitored over the next 24 hours as there is certainly still some room for slight adjustments with this complex storm system given the many different players on the field and how energy is being transfered by the models at the NC coast - and a small shift can still make a big difference. This storm will feature a sharp snowfall gradient from south (greater) to north (lesser).

The timetable for this potential snow event in the DC region has slowed down a tad to be primarily a Sunday afternoon and Sunday night event. Elsewhere, the heaviest snowfall from this storm will likely occur across the higher elevations of Kentucky, West Virginia and southwestern Virginia, and interior and coastal South Jersey can even pick up some decent accumulating snows from this storm late Sunday night. Stay tuned for further updates at “”