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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

2:50 PM | Rain threat continues well into the night despite a lull in the action

Paul Dorian


It has been a wild day in the world of weather with heavy snow across the northern tier of the country from the Dakotas to New England, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys with Kentucky being especially hard hit, and heavy rain right here in the Mid-Atlantic. Our rain threat will continue right through at least midnight, but there actually can be a lull in the action early this evening for a couple of hours as one batch of rain winds down and another batch heads our way from Ohio and West Virginia. Both batches of rain can produce occasional heavy rain and thunder is possible later tonight with that second batch along with some patchy fog. The heaviest rain should clear out of here late tonight and tomorrow promises to be quite an improvement. Temperatures will hold rather steady tonight so icing should not be an issue anywhere along the I-95 corridor from DC to Philly to NYC. There is, however, quite an ice storm going on right now in the Poconos following the 2-4 inches of snow that accumulated there this morning. Looking way ahead, there is the chance for a light snow event later Sunday or Monday, but then the possibility exists for a major warm up during the latter part of next week that could surpass any of the warm ups that we’ve had in recent weeks.