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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

2:45 PM | Breakdown of the "backdoor" cold front

Paul Dorian


A “backdoor” cold front came through the Philadelphia metro region this morning moving in an east-to-west direction after sliding down the coast in the overnight hours. Temperatures today have been significantly reduced in Philadelphia and New York as a result of the much cooler ocean air flow, but the front did not make it down into the DC region. In fact, temperatures at 2PM show a dramatic difference between the 80 degrees in DC (south winds) to the “ocean-influenced” 56 degrees in Philly (east winds) and 49 degrees in New York City (east winds). Also, in typical fashion, the cool ocean air flow has not been able to move past the central PA Mountains; therefore, places like State College remain in the warm air with a 2PM reading of 75 degrees (west winds). A low bank of clouds associated with the easterly winds has eroded somewhat during the midday hours back towards the coast, but these clouds could very well roll right back into the Philly metro region later on this evening. Drizzle or an occasional shower can occur tonight and tomorrow anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region, but it will not be a heavy rain event. Tomorrow’s temperatures will still be somewhat reduced by the ocean air and clouds, but much warmer weather will return early next week to those areas temporarily cooled by this “backdoor” cold front.