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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

1:30 PM | Severe thunderstorm threat between 3 and 10PM; additional substantial rainfall likely between later tomorrow and late Friday night

Paul Dorian


Current radar is lighting up like a Christmas tree as powerful thunderstorms are developing over the Appalachian Mountains from West Virginia to upstate Pennsylvania and they are headed southeastwards right towards the I-95 corridor from DC to Philly to New York City. Some of these storms will reach severe levels containing heavy rain, frequent lightning and possible damaging winds gusts and hail. The general timetable for the severe storms along the I-95 corridor is between about 3 and 10PM although there can be some late night scattered strong storms as well. The latest official Mid-Atlantic temperature readings are as follows: 98 at Reagan National Airport in DC, 96 at Philly Intl Airport and 97 in Central Park New York City - all with very high dew points (i.e. moisture levels) and this excessive heat and humidity will provide fuel to these thunderstorms over the next several hours. Once the frontal system causing these storms passes through the region later tonight, it’ll stall to our south allowing for waves of low pressure to ride along that boundary. As a result, additional substantial rain is likely throughout much of the Mid-Atlantic from later tomorrow through Friday night. Clearing may not take place here in the Mid-Atlantic until early Saturday, but then the bulk of the weekend should turn out to be quite comfortable with reasonable temperatures and humidity.