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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

2:15 PM | Snow in the interior Northeast US on Sunday?

Paul Dorian


A very impressive cold air mass for early October is already affecting parts of the country and it will spread to the east coast on Sunday. In fact, by the latter part of the weekend, there will be a widespread chill in the country from the east coast to Texas to Montana. Also, there will likely be several inches of snow over the next couple of days from the Rockies to the Northern Plains as the cold air pours in from the northwest. A second push of cold air should produce the first accumulating snow of the season in the Denver, Colorado metro region early this weekend. While cold air outbreaks are not uncommon for October, it is very striking to see 30 degrees below normal as is likely to be the case in, for example, Denver on Saturday. Dallas, Texas will likely drop from the mid 80’s for highs on Friday to the mid 50’s on Saturday.

Meanwhile, as the powerhouse cold front closes in on the east coast this weekend, it appears that a wave of low pressure will develop in the East along the frontal boundary zone. As a result, with the combination of the cold air advancing to the east and the intensifying low pressure system, snowflakes could break out later this weekend in some of the higher elevation locations of West Virginia and western and northern Pennsylvania, and also in the interior sections of New York and New England as that low head to the northeast. Temperatures on Sunday in the Mid-Atlantic region will likely hold in the 50’s as periods of rain coincide with the arrival of the colder air. Looking ahead, it looks like there are more cold air outbreaks waiting in the wings.