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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:00 AM | Warm, calm for the rest of the week, but early next week could be vastly different for parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Partly sunny, warm, near 80


Partly cloudy, mild, mid 50’s


Mainly sunny, warm, but not quite like Wednesday, low 70’s

Thursday Night

Mostly cloudy, mild, upper 50’s


Partly sunny, warm, low 70’s


Becoming mostly cloudy, mild, near 70


Mostly cloudy, cooler, showers possible, low-to-mid 60’s


Mostly cloudy, even cooler, threat for rain and wind, low-to-mid 50’s


A weak frontal system will stay to our north today and temperatures will respond by closing in on 80 degrees once again. The next few days will feature some sunshine and dry conditions and then we’ll have to turn our attention to the tropics for early next week. The potential continues to exist for a major east coast weather event early next week that could, in the worst case scenario, involve hurricane-force winds, torrential rains along low-lying sections and inland higher elevation snows in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US (as per the European and Canadian forecast models). The best case scenario is that this tropical system will go harmlessly out to sea over the weekend and will not phase with the deep upper level trough headed for the east coast (as per the US GFS model). Stay tuned, it may take another couple of days to have high confidence in this forecast. The main player, Tropical Storm Sandy, continues to intensify just south of the island of Jamaica. The European computer forecast model is generally the best model in the medium range when it comes to east coast storm tracks and now the GFS model is showing some signs of joining with it in the more threatening scenario.