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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:00 AM | Wild ride with temperatures this week; frozen precipitation for awhile today as milder air advances into the region

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Snow and/or sleet for awhile later this morning followed by freezing rain early this afternoon, there can be a small accumulation of snow and/or sleet to be followed by a small accumulation of ice; by later this afternoon the freezing rain should become just plain (light) rain as temperatures inch above freezing towards a late day high in the upper 30’s


Light rain or drizzle tonight and some fog can form late, lows in the mid 30’s early, may rise late


Cloudy with a little more light rain or drizzle, milder, upper 40’s

Tuesday Night

Mostly cloudy, showers possible late, mild, mid 40’s


Mostly cloudy, unseasonably warm, showers, some of which can be briefly heavy, gusty winds and maybe some thunder, highs near 60


Mostly cloudy, colder, rain or snow showers possible early, low 40’s


Partly sunny, even colder, snow showers possible, low 30’s


Mostly sunny, unseasonably cold, highs near 30


A wild ride this week with all of the following included in the forecast: snow, sleet, freezing rain, light rain, heavy rain, strong winds, unseasonably cold, unseasonably warm, fog, and even a possible thunderstorm. As milder air advances towards us this morning, it’ll run into stubborn resistance with the entrenched cold Arctic air mass not willing to give up its ground – at least not yet. As a result, snow will develop later this morning causing some small accumulations of a coating to an inch, and then sleet and freezing rain are in the offing for the midday and early afternoon hours and then, as temperatures inch above the freezing mark, ordinary rain (light) will fall later this afternoon and tonight. It should stay above freezing tonight and, in fact, temperatures could climb late tonight with the chance for a thick fog to develop. Temperatures tomorrow should climb through the 40’s and should surge to 60 degrees on Wednesday as a strong cold front pushes towards the east coast. That front will generate some brief heavy rain here on Wednesday, perhaps even some strong winds and thunder, and then colder air will rush in behind the front Wednesday night and Thursday, and the renewed chill will last right into the first part of the new month.