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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

1:15 PM | Winter hangs on in the southern Rockies and the Northern Plains - and for the New York Mets

Paul Dorian


I’m not sure what the latest date is for a “snow-out” in major league baseball history, but if any team is going to threaten that record it is likely to be the New York Mets. They have had the unfortunate early season scheduling of going from Minneapolis, MN this past weekend to Denver, CO on Monday and have now been postponed on consecutive days due to springtime snow and ice. This is the first time the Mets have been postponed on consecutive days since Hurricane Irene hit the east coast in August of 2011.

Indeed, it is beginning to look like this may be a year without a spring across the Northern Plains and winter is hanging on tightly in the southern Rockies as well. Sunday saw the biggest 24-hour snowstorm ever in Bismarck, ND with 17.3 inches of accumulation and, at the same time, snow and ice caused the postponement of the Mets/Twins game in Minneapolis. Yesterday, the Mets/Rockies game was postponed in Denver as 7 inches of snow fell in the metro region which follows last week’s 6.5 inches of accumulation. Just to the north and northwest of Denver, 12-18 inches of snow accumulated on Monday from Boulder, CO to Fort Collins, CO and similar amounts are likely today in places like Cheyenne, WY and Laramie, WY.

Yesterday’s game was the first one “snowed out” in Denver since April 3rd of 2011. The Mets and Rockies will try to play a doubleheader later today and tonight, but the very latest weather observation in Denver had 32 degrees with 30 mph winds and snow showers in the general vicinity. The coldest game ever played in Denver occurred on April 12, 1997, against the Montreal Expos when the temperature was only 28 degrees. There is actually even more uncertainty for the game planned for tomorrow night in Denver between the Mets and Rockies as heavy snow is likely to re-develop there later tonight and continue through much of the day on Wednesday with an additional 6+ inches of accumulation expected by the time this latest storm exits to the east early Thursday. This next round of snow will again spread to the north and east over the next few days from the southern Rockies to the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest with a foot or more possible in spots. Finally, the final game of this four game series between the Mets and Rockies is planned for Thursday afternoon and while it’ll be very cold, it looks like it will be dry enough to allow for the game to be played. The Mets then return home to New York City for a scheduled game Friday night against the Nationals, and, wouldn’t you know it, heavy rain will be approaching from the west by around that time as a strong cold front approaches the region.