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1:30 PM | Quite a wet June so far in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US - and more rain is on the way

Paul Dorian


This is not a surprise to anyone who cuts their own grass, but it has been quite a wet month so far this June throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and Northeast US - thanks in large part to the remains of Tropical Storm Andrea that raced up the east coast one week ago today. Below is a listing of some impressive total June rainfall amounts at several nearby locations as we reach the halfway point of the month along with the normal values for mid-June. By the way, more rainfall is likely early next week so get the grass cut tomorrow when the weather will be quite nice.

Georgetown DE 9.22" (1.90" normal) Central Park NY 9.22" (2.08" normal) Wilmington DE 8.00" (1.69" normal) Bridgeport CT 7.95" (1.83" normal) Newark NJ 7.90" (1.83" normal) Islip LI NY 7.68" (2.02" normal) Philadelphia PA 7.26" (1.55" normal) Baltimore MD 6.76" (1.47" normal) Trenton NJ 6.57" (2.09" normal) Allentown PA 6.17" (1.86" normal) Washington DC 5.86" (1.63" normal) Atlantic City NJ 5.47" (1.42" normal) Reading PA 4.87" (1.79" normal) Salisbury MD 4.64" (1.54" normal) Scranton PA 3.04" (1.81" normal)