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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

2:30 PM | *Major activity on the sun*

Paul Dorian



Solar activity remains high and intensifying. There is now a new sunspot called AR1882 which rotated over the sun’s eastern limb earlier today and it appears to have erupted with two X-class solar flares (most intense classification). Other sunspot regions called AR1875 and AR1877 have continued to erupt with lesser flares as they rotate towards the sun’s western limb. One of the X-class flares with the new sunspot region was bracketed by two erupting magnetic filaments each located hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from AR1882 which means the flare may been part of an interconnected global solar eruption. More solar flares are in the offing as these three sunspot regions, AR1875, AR1877 and the new AR1882 are on the Earthside of the sun and capable of additional solar eruptions.