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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

2:15 PM | *Round two of our "doubleheader" winter event now getting underway*

Paul Dorian



Round two of our latest winter storm event is now underway. One wave of low pressure passed through the Mid-Atlantic region this morning with a period of steady snow followed by scattered snow shower activity that was mixed with sleet and freezing rain at times. A second and more potent upper-level feature is following on its heels and will reach the east coast early tonight. This upper-level jet streak will cause an intensification of surface low pressure along the Mid-Atlantic coast and the precipitation shield will intensify and expand at the same time the low pressure system deepens. In fact, the area across southeastern Pennsylvania will experience steady snow over the next few hours and then the area from the southeastern side of the DC metro region eastward across the Delmarva Peninsula and northward through New Jersey will likely experience a period of steadier and heavier precipitation from late today through the evening. This is the type of setup that could throw a few surprises early tonight in terms of accumulating snowfall to the region from I-95 to the coastline. While there was a mixture of sleet and freezing rain at times earlier today, increasingly colder air aloft will increase the odds for all snow in much of this region - even down to the coastline of New Jersey by later tonight. Bottom line…all areas from near DC to the Delmarva to New Jersey and back inland to southeastern PA can expect more in the way of frozen precipitation over the next several hours with likely additional snow accumulations and slippery road conditions.