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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

9:00 AM | Snowstorm is over...Arctic air is firmly in Arctic blast arrives on Monday and this one could be a record-breaker

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Bitter cold with strong winds, despite sunshine temperatures will climb very little just reaching the low-to-middle teens, wind chill values below zero


Brutal cold with mostly clear skies and calmer winds, lows drop to within few degrees of zero


Bitter cold start to the day and then some modification in the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, highs in the middle 20’s

Saturday Night

Mostly clear, very cold, lows in the middle teens; kickoff game time temperatures near 20 degrees for the Eagles in South Philly


Cloudy, cold, chance for some freezing rain early, rain late, upper 30’s


Partly sunny, becoming windy, rain showers early then snow showers possible, temperatures peak early in the mid-to-upper 30’s then drop during the day as the next Arctic invasion arrives; incredibly cold at night


One of the coldest days in years…brutally cold, windy with ineffective sunshine, temperatures likely holding in the single digits with more incredible cold at night


Still very cold with some sunshine, near 20


Our snowstorm is now over and Arctic air is firmly entrenched in the region. Temperatures dropped to near 10 degrees overnight and will struggle hard just to climb into the low-to-mid teens - despite a full day of sunshine. Wind chill values will be below zero at times today as winds gust up to 40 mph. Low temperatures tonight will fall to within a few degrees of zero as the winds calm down and clear skies combine with fresh snowpack to allow for great cooling conditions in this Arctic air mass.

After a very cold start on Saturday, noticeable modification will occur during the afternoon and Sunday will feature temperatures climbing through the 30’s although some rain, ice and/or snow is possible. Then the next Arctic blast arrives on Monday and this one looks even colder than the current air mass. In fact, there will be a widespread area of below zero readings in the early-to-middle of next week across the Midwest, Great Lakes, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and below zero readings are even likely in the big cities along the I-95 corridor.