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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

2:40 PM | Multiple storm threats next week

Paul Dorian


The “February Outlook” was sent out yesterday and it suggested an active and stormy month is in store for the Mid-Atlantic region and indeed, it appears next week has not one, not two, but three different threats. The first threat is probably going to turn out to be the weakest; however, there is the chance for some snow in the Mid-Atlantic region early Monday; especially, south of the PA/MD border. Temperatures will be only marginally cold enough for snow early next week so rain is also on the table with this system.

By later Tuesday into Wednesday, a much more significant precipitation event is likely as Gulf of Mexico “moisture-laden” air will flow this way from the southwest. While there will be cold air initially at ground-level for this storm, warmer air will very likely arrive in the region – first aloft and then at ground-level - as the surface low pulls to the northwest of the I-95 corridor. As a result, this event could turn out to be one with a period of frozen precipitation at the onset (sleet, freezing rain and/or snow) and then a changeover to plain rain with some of the rain falling heavily at times.

That storm will clear out of here and usher in colder air during the latter part of next week and then our attention will turn towards the Deep South. An area of low pressure with copious amounts of moisture will likely ride out of the southern states towards the Mid-Atlantic coastline and this one has the potential to bring lots of snow or rain to the region by about Saturday of next weekend. This is one obviously still a long ways off and we have to get through two threats before that one ever even materializes.

Hang on…February could be a wild ride.