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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

6:00 AM | **The farther north and west one goes - the more the signficant snow; rain in the District**

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


In the District: rain, heavy at times, possible changing to sleet and snow for a brief time later this afternoon, little or no accumulations; In the nearby northern and western suburbs (e.g., Rockville, MD, Leesburg, VA): rain changes to sleet and then snow later this morning with snow continuing into the early afternoon, 2-4 inches of snow accumulations; In the far northern and western suburbs (e.g., Frederick, MD, Winchester, VA): snow, heavy at times, into the early afternoon hours with 4-8 inches of accumulation, temperatures holding in the low-to-mid 30’s for much of the day in the suburbs and mid-to-upper 30's in the District


Gradual clearing and quite cold, lows near 25 degrees


Some sun then increasing clouds, cold, upper 30’s

Tuesday Night

Cloudy, freezing rain and/or sleet developing and there can even be some buildup of ice in the northern and western suburbs, cold, lows near freezing


Mostly cloudy, becoming a bit milder, precipitation changes to plain rain, low 40’s


Mostly sunny, colder, low 30’s


Partly sunny, cold, mid 30’s


Mostly cloudy, cold, chance for rain or snow, upper 30’s


A gradual changeover from rain-to-snow is occurring from north-to-south and the result will be big differences in snow accumulation amounts depending on specific location. In the District, much of the storm will feature rain, heavy at times, but it is possible that the rain changes briefly to sleet and snow this afternoon - little or no accumulations. In the nearby northern and western suburbs (e.g., Leesburg, VA, Rockville, MD), the transition to snow will occur late this morning and snow accumulations should end up in the 2-4 inch range. In the far northern and western suburbs (e.g., Frederick, MD, Winchester, VA), snow will fall into the early afternoon and 4-8 inches of snow can accumulate the end of the storm. There will be no snow at all just south of the District (e.g., southern Maryland). Another storm will bring a period of ice (freezing rain and/or sleet) to the region on Tuesday night before a changeover to plain rain on Wednesday and there can be some accumulation of ice before the changeover in the northern and western suburbs. A third storm threatens for the weekend and it is too early to give details on precipitation type, but it promises to be a powerful storm loaded with moisture and it could turn out to be an all-out blizzard for parts of the Mid-Atlantic.