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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:00 AM | Another day near 80 degrees then dramatically colder by mid-week

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Some sun followed by clouds, still quite warm, windy, highs near 80 degrees


Cloudy, mild, showers likely late, temperatures only dropping to the low 60’s for overnight lows


Periods of rain, heavy at times, maybe a thunderstorm, windy, warm early in the day in the upper 60's, but temperatures will drop during the afternoon hours

Tuesday Night

Mostly cloudy, lingering rain showers that could even mix with or change to sleet and/or snow before ending, much colder late, windy, low 30’s


Partly sunny, breezy, very chilly for this time of year, near 50; patchy frost possible late at night


Patchy frost possible early; otherwise, mostly sunny skies, still chilly, mid 50’s


Partly sunny, breezy, milder, near 60


Mostly cloudy, breezy, mild, chance for showers, low 60’s


The warmest weather of the spring so far in the Mid-Atlantic region will soon be replaced by a very chilly air mass for this time of year. That transition from the warmth to chill will be accompanied by a significant rain event on Tuesday as the leading edge of the colder air (i.e., cold front) slides towards the east coast. This next cold shot will become quite widespread as the colder air will spill all the way from Canada to the Deep South. Furthermore, there could be enough cold air intrusion into the eastern states to cause a changeover to sleet and/or snow in some of the interior, higher elevations of the Northeast U.S. (e.g., Appalachian Mountains) and it is not totally out of the question that the rain mixes with or changes to sleet and/or snow in the I-95 corridor before ending later tomorrow night. Overnight low temperatures will indeed drop to near or below the freezing mark in much of the Mid-Atlantic region during the mid-week time frame with patchy frost possible. The chill will continue in the Mid-Atlantic region into Thursday, but it'll turn milder late this week with the threat of showers returning by Saturday. One final note: unfortunately, it looks like it'll be cloudy early tomorrow morning for the viewing of the total lunar eclipse here in the Mid-Atlantic region, but there will be another chance in September.