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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

12:55 PM | **Temperature plunge to arrive by early evening in the big cities along the I-95 corridor**

Paul Dorian

PA_temps[Noon temperatures across Pennsylvania; courtesy Penn State Campus Weather Service]


The latest observations show a divided state of Pennsylvania with spring hanging on in the eastern half and “winter’s revenge” taking hold in the western half. Heavy rain continues to fall on the warm side of a powerful cold front now crossing the state from west-to-east, but snow is now falling on the cold side from Bradford, PA southward to Johnstown, PA and Clarksburg, WV - some of this snow will spread to the east side of the Appalachian Mountains later tonight.

By the end of the afternoon, the strong cold front will pass through the big cities along the I-95 corridor and temperatures will begin a sharp drop from the current still rather mild levels. Lingering rain showers this evening could very well mix with or change to sleet and/or snow in the I-95 corridor during the late evening and overnight hours. Temperatures by morning will be at or below freezing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region with some record lows possible and frost is likely to threaten the region early Thursday morning after a chilly day on Wednesday.

PA_radar [Noon radar across Pennsylvania; courtesy Penn State Campus Weather Service]