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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

2:00 PM | More on the impressive cold

Paul Dorian

snow [Snow cover today as seen by NASA/MODIS satellite across the Northeast and New England (still ice on Lake Erie)]


This late season widespread cold wave has produced some impressive results:

1) 30’s or lower this morning for low temperatures in all of the 48 contiguous states

2) It has never been this cold so late in the year in many locations including the following: Binghamton, NY (19°), DuBois, PA (19°), Canton, OH (21°) and Syracuse, NY (22°)

3) Chicago received the most snow ever (1.4”) within three days of reaching 80 degrees

4) 1PM temperature today at Reagan National Airport (DCA) was 46 degrees despite the “August-equivalent” full sunshine (normal high is 66°)

5) Marquette, Michigan reached a record low this morning of 5° BELOW ZERO

6) The current ice cover extent of the Great Lakes is nearly 40% - never has it been above 20% this late in the year since satellite records began (1980)

7) Snow yesterday in Detroit put them over the top for "snowiest winter ever" which breaks the previous record set in 1880-1881