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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:00 AM | **Blocking pattern brings us rainy weather pattern beginning tonight with the heaviest rainfall centered on Wednesday**

Paul Dorian

6-Day Forecast


Sunshine followed by increasing clouds, cool, highs in the low-to-mid 60’s


Cloudy, chilly, occasional showers especially late, lows in the low-to-mid 40’s


Cloudy, breezy, chilly, periods of rain or drizzle, near 50 (normal high is now 68 degrees)

Tuesday Night

Cloudy, breezy, chilly, periods of rain or drizzle, low-to-mid 40’s


Cloudy, breezy, still chilly, periods of rain, heavy at times, maybe a thunderstorm or two, upper 50’s


Partly sunny, much milder, showers still possible and maybe a thunderstorm or two, near 70


Partly sunny, mild, still the threat for a shower, mid 60’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, maybe a couple of showers, mid 60’s


An “omega-shaped” upper level blocking pattern is unfolding early this week and the result will be an extended period of rainy weather in the Mid-Atlantic region and also in much of the eastern half of the nation. The rainy weather pattern will begin tonight around here and continue right into Thursday with the heaviest rainfall likely centered on Wednesday and Wednesday night. After a decent start to the week temperature-wise, it'll become much colder-than-normal on Tuesday with highs not far from 50 degrees at a time when the normal high is around 68 degrees (at Philly Airport). While the rain can come down hard at times on Tuesday, it appears that Wednesday and Wednesday night could feature flooding downpours and the chance for strong thunderstorms. By the time Thursday morning rolls around, many areas in the Mid-Atlantic region may very well have received more than 3 inches of rain. As far as the Phillies are concerned, they are now a pretty hot team - 6 wins out of the last 8 games - but it is conceivable that they don't play again until Friday thanks to the weather. They have scheduled off days both today and on Thursday and the two games against the Mets on Tuesday and Wednesday are in serious jeopardy.

Elsewhere, the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes this year occurred yesterday with more than thirty reported across Oklahoma and Arkansas. There will likely be another tornado outbreak later today - perhaps another twenty or so - likely centered just to the east of those areas hardest hit on Sunday in places like the Tennessee Valley. The good news is that the severe weather threat will diminish significantly after today and another quiet period should return to that part of the country.