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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

4:00 PM | **Torrential rain will continue for several more hours along the I-95 corridor from DC-to-Philly-to-NYC and there is a threat for strong-to-severe thunderstorms**

Paul Dorian

satellite[Latest infrared satellite image showing moisture stream from Gulf of Mexico riding right up the east coast; image courtesy University of Wisconsin - SSEC]


Very heavy rain will continue to fall along the I-95 corridor from DC-to-Philly-to-NYC over the next several hours as a deep plume of tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico continues to surge up the east coast. In addition to the heavy rainfall, there is a chance for strong-to-severe thunderstorms tonight that could produce damaging wind gusts, hail and even a few isolated tornadoes. Lightning strikes have been detected just south of the PA/MD border in northern Maryland over the last couple of hours and this trend for “convection” will surge northward during the evening hours along with an influx of warmer air. Temperatures have already jumped in the DC metro region to 60 degrees and will hold steady or rise through the night along the I-95 corridor - perhaps reaching the 60’s by morning as far north as the Philly metro region. Many roadways are flooded in the Mid-Atlantic region – do not attempt to drive into the water. More than 4" of rain has already been reported in many sections of the I-95 corridor and there are several hours to go with this major rain event.