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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

1:30 PM | Developing storm has an impressive feed of moisture surging up the east coast

Paul Dorian

sat[Latest satellite image of the developing coastal storm; courtesy NOAA, NASA, Capital Weather Gang]


The latest satellite image shows an extensive area of clouds associated with the developing nor’easter from near Cuba to the Mid-Atlantic region (above). The developing coastal storm is tapping into moisture from all the way down to near Cuba and this moisture feed is surging northward thanks to a strong southerly flow of air in the lowest parts of the atmosphere along the southeastern coastline (map below).

850mb [850 millibar moisture transport; courtesy NOAA]

Significant rain has now reached as far north as the southern part of the Delmarva Peninsula (below) and it should reach the DC metro region by the end of the afternoon, into Philly early tonight, and then to the New York City metro region later tonight. The rain and wind will intensify overnight in the I-95 corridor and continue into Thursday and there is the potential for 1-2 inches with locally heavier amounts. The storm’s most important impacts will occur along coastal sections of New Jersey and the Delmarva Peninsula where heavy rain and gale force winds are likely (gusts to 40 mph or so). The storm winds down late tomorrow and there will be much improvement by Friday afternoon with noticeably warmer conditions compared to the expected unseasonably cool day on Thursday.

radar [Latest NEXRAD radar image; courtesy University of Wisconsin]