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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:00 AM | **Major coastal storm impacts the Mid-Atlantic region today ...colder air will wrap around the storm tonight raising the chances for snow showers in our region**

Paul Dorian

Euro_storm_track_with_loop[Monday, 12Z European model storm track with the "loop"]

6-Day Forecast


Cloudy, windy and cold with periods of rain, some freezing will continue early today to the N and W of the District, highs in the low 40’s


Cloudy, windy and cold with rain possibly mixing with or changing to snow late to the N and W of the District, lows in the low-to-mid 30’s


Cloudy, windy and cold with snow showers, possibly mixed with rain at times, perhaps even a heavier snow squall, near 40 degrees

Wednesday Night

Cloudy and windy with snow showers still possible, may be mixed with rain at times, cold, near 30 degrees


Mostly cloudy, windy, cold, another snow shower or two still possible, near 40 degrees


Partly sunny, breezy, cold, near 40 degrees


Partly sunny, chilly, near 45 degrees


Mostly sunny, not as chilly, near 50 degrees


A major coastal storm will impact the Mid-Atlantic region today as it slowly moves up the coastline while intensifying. As it moves north into southern New England this evening, it will run into an “atmospheric road block” forcing the storm to stall out or even loop around ensuring a long-duration event for the Northeast US and more precipitation is likely around here from tonight through tomorrow night. The bulk of the precipitation today in the DC metro region should be in the form of plain rain, but as colder air wraps into the system later tonight, the rain can mix with or change over to snow, and snow showers threaten the area from later tonight through tomorrow night.