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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

12:30 PM | **Snow squalls, brutal cold and dangerous wind chills**

Paul Dorian

radar[Latest NEXRAD radar image; courtesy University of Wisconsin]


The worst that winter has yet to offer this year is about to pounce on the Mid-Atlantic region with brutal cold and dangerous wind chills. Amazingly cold Arctic air is pouring into the Mid-Atlantic region on strong NW winds and temperatures tonight will plunge to single digits in a widespread region of the Northeast US. This brutally cold Arctic outbreak will rival some of last winter’s worst weather in parts of the Northeast US and Ohio Valley over the next 24 hours or so. For example, Boston, MA bottomed out last winter at 2 degrees above zero and they could easily drop below that by early tomorrow. Current temperatures in the Upper Midwest (e.g., Madison, WI -3 degrees, Chicago, IL +3 degrees) are incredibly cold along with dangerous wind chills levels.

Snow squalls are accompanying this onslaught of Arctic air in the Northeast US and one heavier band (circled area on the latest radar) poses potential problems for later today across southeastern PA, New Jersey, and New York City as it is steadily dropping to the south and east. This particular snow band could even make it as far south as northern Maryland, northern Virginia later today or early this evening. A heavy snow band like this could indeed produce quick accumulations in a given region later today with slick spots on the roadways and poor visibilities.