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6:00 AM | *Hurricane Matthew now headed through Bahamas and towards stay away from Mid-Atlantic*


Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

6:00 AM | *Hurricane Matthew now headed through Bahamas and towards stay away from Mid-Atlantic*

Paul Dorian

6-Day DC Forecast


A mix of sun and clouds, cool, highs near 70 degrees


Partly cloudy, cool, lows in the low-to-mid 50's


Mainly sunny, nice, low 70’s for highs

Thursday Night

Partly cloudy, cool, mid 50’s


Mainly sunny, nice, low 70’s


Mainly cloudy with possible showers, cool, near 70 degrees


Mainly sunny, quite cool, mid 60’s


Mainly sunny, cool, mid 60’s


Hurricane Matthew is now moving slowly through the Bahama Island chain and will head towards the east-central coast of Florida over the next couple of days. Its current movement of NNW will gradually shift to NW later today as strong high pressure ridging in the central Atlantic expands westward. After that time, global models turn the hurricane northward, then northeastward when a ridge to the northeast of Matthew shifts eastward and a mid-to-upper-level trough approaches the eastern United States. This approaching trof will prevent Matthew from turning up the east coast and, in fact, will likely force it to loop back around to the southeast once it reaches its likely farthest northward extent off the North Carolina coastline. The end result is that Matthew will have little, if any, impact around here this weekend, but showers could still fall from a strong frontal system.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian

Vencore, Inc.