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6:00 AM | *Rain event will be slow to wind down around here...Hurricane Matthew churns westward in the Caribbean Sea*


Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

6:00 AM | *Rain event will be slow to wind down around here...Hurricane Matthew churns westward in the Caribbean Sea*

Paul Dorian

6-Day DC Forecast


Cloudy, windy, quite cool, occasional showers, maybe a thunderstorm, highs in the mid-to-upper 60’s


Cloudy, windy, cool, occasional showers, lows in the lower 60’s


Mainly cloudy with a continuing chance of showers, a bit milder, low 70’s

Saturday Night

Cloudy, cool, occasional showers possible, lower 60’s for lows


Partly sunny, warmer, mid 70’s


Partly sunny, comfortable, mid 70’s


Partly sunny, cooler, low 70’s


Partly sunny, cool, upper 60’s


More than an inch and a half of rain fell in much of the region last night and this rain event will be slow to wind down. A very slow-moving and vigorous upper-level low will continue to produce an air flow off of the Atlantic Ocean and this moisture will contribute to more shower activity for the DC metro region. In fact, the weekend will start off damp with the likelihood of more showers throughout the area. Genuine clearing in the Mid-Atlantic may have to wait until the early part of next week. Meanwhile, Hurricane Matthew continues to move westward in the Caribbean Sea region and it could intensify into a major hurricane by early in the weekend. At some point late in the weekend or early next week, Matthew is likely to make a sharp right turn and heads towards the islands of Cuba or Hispaniola. After that, Matthew is likely to slowly move into the Bahama Islands region and it is unclear if it’ll then take a turn up the US east coast or stay out over the open waters of the western Atlantic - the "out-to-sea" scenario is the most likely.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian

Vencore, Inc.