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7:00 AM | ***A big mid-week mess on the way with accumulating snow likely on the front end***


Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:00 AM | ***A big mid-week mess on the way with accumulating snow likely on the front end***

Paul Dorian

6-Day NYC Forecast


Cloudy, damp and cold this morning, increasing wind and sunshine this afternoon and becoming milder, highs in the lwoer 40's


Partly cloudy, cold, lows in the lower 20’s


Mainly sunny, cold, mid 30’s for afternoon highs

Tuesday Night

Becoming cloudy, cold, lower 20’s for overnight lows


Cloudy, cold, snow develops by mid-day or early afternoon and possibly changes to sleet and freezing rain by day's end, low-to-mid 30’s


Mainly cloudy, chilly early mild late, chance of rain early, low-to-mid 50’s


Partly sunny, chilly, low-to-mid 40’s


Mainly cloudy, chilly, mid 40’s


*A mid-week mess is on the way that will likely include accumulating snow on the front end*. By late Tuesday, strong high pressure will be forming to the north and northwest of the Mid-Atlantic region and there will be lots of moisture pushing northeastward from the Gulf of Mexico. This area of high pressure will lock in a cold, dense air mass in the lower levels of the atmosphere – at least for the onset of a mid-week storm system – setting us up for “overrunning” type precipitation as warmer air initially rides up and over the surface air mass. One surface low will trek from the Gulf coast states to the Great Lakes while a secondary low develops near the Mid-Atlantic coastline – quite similar to the setup early last week which resulted in snow, ice and rain for the Mid-Atlantic region. Snow is likely to break out here during the mid-day or early afternoon on Wednesday and then it could change to sleet and freezing rain late in the day as milder air pushes in from the southeast. Accumulations of snow are likely here on Wednesday before any changeover to sleet and freezing rain takes place.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian
Perspecta, Inc.