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7:00 AM | *Another day likely with record-breaking warmth*


Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

7:00 AM | *Another day likely with record-breaking warmth*

Paul Dorian

6-Day DC Forecast


Early morning clouds; otherwise, partly sunny skies, unseasonably warm and perhaps another record-breaker, breezy, a shower or two possible late, highs in the upper 70’s


Mainly cloudy, mild early but turning cooler late, showers likely early, steadier rain possible late, lows in the upper 40’s


Mainly cloudy, much colder, rain is likely, upper 40's for afternoon highs

Thursday Night

Mainly cloudy, cold with rain likley, upper 30’s for late night lows


Mainly cloudy, chilly, more rain is likely, near 50 degrees


Mainly cloudy, milder, rain likely, lower 60’s


Mainly cloudy, mild, rain likely, low-to-mid 60’s


Mainly sunny, cooler, mid 50’s


An unseasonably warm air mass has flooded the Mid-Atlantic region and this afternoon will likely feature many record-breaking high temperatures way up in the 70’s. A cold front will slide through the region in the overnight hours and we’ll turn much more seasonable for the latter part of week, but not at all unreasonably cold for this time of year. With the cool down, there will be multiple chances for rain as wave-after-wave pushes from southwest-to-northeast over the next several days.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian
Vencore, Inc.