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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

3:00 PM | Some interesting playoff weather and info on the Home Run Weather app "favorability" index

Paul Dorian


The weather is quite interesting today across northern Texas as much cooler air is plunging southward through the Southern Plains and into the northern part of the state. This weather phenomenon known as a “blue norther” around that part of the country will bring dramatic changes in temperatures across northern Texas from highs in the 80’s today to just the 50’s on Saturday. Meanwhile, there is a “winner-take-all” playoff game later tonight in Arlington, Texas between the Rangers and Orioles and the temperatures could drop noticeably during the game that begins at 8:37 PM ET with stiffening northerly winds. In fact, the Home Run Weather app “favorability” index starts off at a 10 in the hour before the game and winds up as a 6 late in the evening as the temperatures drop from the 80’s to the 60’s. Elsewhere, there is a "winner-take-all" playoff game late this afternoon (5:07 PM ET) in Atlanta, Georgia between the Braves and the Cardinals and the weather looks calmer and quite nice there with temperatures in the 80’s to start the game and then likely the mild 70’s to finish (HRW app index is a 10 at game time and holds at a rather high 8 around the expected ending time). Tomorrow's playoff games will include one game in Detroit (6PM ET) where it'll be downright cold with temperatures likely dropping through the 40's, and one in San Francisco where it always seems to be chilly and windy (9:30 PM ET).