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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

3:30 PM | Recap of the colder-than-normal month of November in the Mid-Atlantic region

Paul Dorian


As the month of December begins on a warm note, let’s recap the month of November for the Mid-Atlantic region. All in all, November was quite a cold and dry month relative to normal for the Mid-Atlantic which snapped an above-normal monthly temperature streak in many locations. Here are some of the specific colder-than-normal temperature numbers for the Mid-Atlantic region and, in all cases, they were also much drier than normal:

Washington, DC (Reagan National Airport): 3.0 degrees below normal which snapped a 12 month streak of above-normal monthly temperatures; tied for the coldest November in the 2000’s (tied with 2008)

Dulles Airport, Virginia: 3.9 degrees below normal; 8th coldest November on record and the coldest November since 2000

BWI Airport, Maryland: 3.7 degrees below normal; snapped a 21 month streak of above normal temperatures; 12th coldest November ever and the coldest since 1996

Central Park, NY: 3.8 degrees below normal and snapped a streak of 5 above normal months

Philly Airport: 3.4 degrees below normal; coldest November since 1996; snapped a 14 month streak of above normal monthly temperatures

By the way, it could have been much worse for November. Fairbanks, Alaska has now had the coldest back-to-back Novembers ever there with this November some 11 degrees below normal and 17 days of the month featured temperatures of 20 below or colder. In addition, Moscow, Russia has just had its biggest November snowstorm in 50 years and there are still reports of incredible traffic jams even as long as 125 miles.

The overall temperature pattern here is starting off on the warm side for the month of December, but it looks like that’ll change by mid-month.