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Weather forecasting and analysis, space and historic events, climate information

3:30 PM | **Major weekend storm brings significant rainfall to the Mid-Atlantic region; colder air wraps into the system on Sunday and Sunday night**

Paul Dorian



A major storm will affect the I-95 corridor from DC-to-Philly-to-New York City for much of the upcoming weekend and some areas could end up with three inches of rain by the time early Monday morning rolls around. Intensifying low pressure will be centered over the Tennessee Valley early tomorrow afternoon and it will move along a stalled out frontal boundary zone to a position near the Delmarva Peninsula by early Sunday morning. Rain will break out in most I-95 corridor locations during the mid-to-late morning hours on Saturday and will come down steadily and heavily later tomorrow and tomorrow night causing localized flooding problems in poor drainage areas. The powerful storm will then grudgingly move northeast on Sunday to off the Mid-Atlantic coastline, but the rain will linger through much of the day in the Mid-Atlantic region although not as steady or as heavy. There is even the chance that some precipitation lingers as late as early Monday morning in the Philly and NYC metro regions.

One other factor to mention with this upcoming major storm, colder air will wrap into the system during the day on Sunday with increasing northerly winds. It is not out of the question that snowflakes mix in with the rain along the I-95 corridor as the storm slowly winds down later Sunday and Sunday night and perhaps there can even be a complete changeover to all snow in some nearby higher elevation locations. The overall weather improves dramatically later in the day on Monday as partial sunshine returns and the Tuesday/Wednesday time period will be quite mild.